Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies.


How it works

We do have a variety of platforms from which you can buy cryptocurrencies from. For safety use the options provided on out buying/selling menu option. This is not a guarantee that you are safe. Please follow the simple steps below as well.
Assuming you have your wallet all set up, then buying will not be a tough job. There are various places where you can buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. We would recommend you to use trusted platforms that use escrows features
Buying Tips.

• Create a personal wallet. One that you store your own private keys.
For example (Blockchain, Coinomi, Zeltrez)
• Create an account on the buying and selling platforms.
i.e. (
• Maximize account security through 2 factor authentication.
• Log in and check on merchant’s reputation.
• Initiate transaction once comfortable.
• Transfer bought cryptocurrency to its wallet through the provided relative public key.

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