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How To Build A Course On Cryptocurrency Academy

Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 2 Hours
Lectures: 5
Video: Read
Level: Beginner


Do you have experience and skills in the world of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, Graphics design, Community management, Social Media management,  Art etc, and feel that it would be of help to other people out there who are transitioning into this realm of endless opportunities? Building a course for them is the best thing you could do for them and for you. On this course we do take a look at how to build your brand as a course. By the end of the course you will be able to.


  • Identify your ( Why? )
  • Get a little bit of inspiration on why you should start your new business.
  • Learn how to carry out a feasibility test on your new business
  • Learn how to Identify your topics.
  • Understand how to create your course plan.
  • Learn how to create your course.
  • Understand  how to market your courses.
  • Learn how to manage your communities.


We have gathered the most vital information that will help you help others succeed in the world of crypto and blockchain. Get started today and be the change you seek!

Helping Others Succeed.
Do that thing you love.
Why am I here? quiz
2 questions
You are a business.
Feasibility Test.
As A Business Quiz
8 questions
On this quiz we test a few aspects on what we have already covered under the " You A Business" course. Its a 5 min multiple choice quiz that is easy to tackle and mind jogging. Good thing is we have not touched on things out of the course. Good Luck!
It helps you learn and understand how to create a course and manage your new courses as a business.
The pass core is 80%
Yes this is possible, however retakes cost you 5% of your precious C.C.A.T rewards.
For individuals who want to become instructors or educators on Cryptocurrency Academy.
The course currently have 5 subtopics
It should take roughly 10-15 minutes to complete

If you have any questions on the processes of becoming an instructor on cryptocurrency academy, please reach out to us via our community forum on telegram or mail us on 

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How To Build A Course On Cryptocurrency Academy
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