What Is Money? How Has It Evolved?

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This course is designed to seamlessly help newbie individuals , businesses or investors like you to understand what Money is a concept many people fail to understand. By the end of this course you will be able to learn the following. 

1. What Is Money
2. How Money Has Evolved.
3. What to gauge when protecting and investing it.


Upon completing the course you will earn yourself a certificate that is verifiable on the blockchain network. The certificate acts as a proof of qualification. This will help you to pursue various careers in the space. 


You might not believe us on this, but this is as real as you are reading it. Upon completion and meeting the threshold of every lesson, you will earn C.C.A tokens. This will be redeemable to various propducts or services on Cryptocurrency Academy. 


Understanding Money

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Understanding Money
Do You Understand Money? Let’s Put You On A Test!
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What Is Money? How Has It Evolved?
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